A Typical Day

A Typical Day

A Typical Day

A Typical Day


In the morning, the group assembles to sing welcome songs, tell stories, read books and listen to the teachers explain the monthly theme and the day’s activities in both French and English. This daily gathering helps the children feel part of a community, and lets them share stories with their peers and teachers. 

Activities based around the monthly theme are suggested to the children. They learn to explore new textures, and to use new materials such as paint brushes, crayons, chalk and scissors. They are not forced to do any of the activities, but are encouraged to try them.

In the afternoon, once the children are awake, changed and dressed, the group may go outside to the play area, take a walk or start new activities indoors such as playing with the sensory water and sand table. Other sensory activities are also carried out, like baking in the kitchen or modelling with playdough. A spacious indoor area with soft play units for climbing, rolling, jumping and sliding enables the children to develop their gross motor skills. This space is often also used for gymnastics, dance and rhythmic movement to music.

Lunch & Snacks

At lunchtime, the teachers introduce the different foods to the children by showing photographs. The meals are well balanced and freshly prepared. Snacks always include fresh fruit and water in the morning, and bread with cheese or jam, yogurt and fruits in the afternoon.

Nap time

After lunch, the children clean up, brush their teeth, and get ready for their nap. Easy listening music is played and the teachers sit with the children until they fall asleep or quieten down. Staff always stay nearby whilst the children are resting. When a child wakes up, he/she goes with an adult to another room to play. Most are awake again by 14:00, but if some children are tired and need to sleep more, we let them sleep until they wake up naturally.

Pick-up time

Children may be picked up between 16:30 and 18:30. Before each child leaves, the educators take the time to discuss the day’s events with the parents and inform them of any upcoming events, if necessary. Open communication between the teachers and each family is very important to us.A parent who might occasionally want to pick up their child earlier than the appointed departure time is able to do this as long as they inform the team beforehand. This advance notice is important since the group may have planned a small excursion with the children.