Attendance options Price / month
A 5 whole days per week (price per day CHF 120.-) CHF 2’400.-
B 4 whole days per week (price per day CHF 130.-) CHF 2’080.-
C 3 whole days per week (price per day CHF 140.-) CHF 1’680.-
D 2 whole days per week (price per day CHF 140.-) CHF 1’120.-
E 1 whole day per week (price per day CHF 150.-) CHF  600.-


Enrolment contract
By signing the enrolment form, the parents (or legal guardians), confirm that they have read the General Terms and Conditions, as well as the Rules and Regulations of the crèche. The offer of a place is based on the days on which the child will be present (chosen attendance option), and the amount due every month, as indicated on the “Enrolment for the Crèche” form.

The payment of the registration fee confirms acceptance of the place, thus concluding an “Enrolment Contract” between the parents and the crèche. This comes into effect from the starting date agreed at the time of inscription and is automatically renewed from one month to the next.

Parents shall immediately inform the crèche management of any changes in the family circumstances or the situation of the child (e.g. change of address, telephone number, e-mail contact).

Any request for changes in the child’s attendance schedule, or formal notification of withdrawal, must be communicated in writing and received by the director of the crèche at least one month in advance.

Fees and invoicing
Registration fee/acceptance of place : CHF 900 (including an adjustment period of up to two weeks). This amount is non- refundable in the event that the place is not taken up or maintained after the adjustment period.

Fees : The current fees are indicated on the “Enrolment for the Crèche” form. The management of the crèche reserves the right to modify the fees for the next academic year (as of 1 September) giving advance notice (published no later than 31 March).

Fees are payable in advance. Invoices are issued monthly and settlement is due by the first day of the subsequent month. Payment is accepted by direct debit (LSV with right to object) order ONLY.

The monthly fee remains unchanged if the child is absent from the crèche for any reason. The holiday periods during which the crèche is closed are already taken into account in the fee calculation.

For registrations during the course of a month, invoicing will be pro- rata from the first day of attendance.

Reduction : A 10% reduction is granted on the fees of the second and subsequent children (siblings of children already enrolled) attending the crèche concurrently. This reduction does not apply to the registration fee.

Late payment : A CHF 50 surcharge will be levied for any reminders sent for outstanding invoices.

Sanctions : In case of non-payment of issued invoices or failure by the parents/legal guardians to comply with these terms and conditions, the director will issue a warning to the parents concerned. If no change is observed, the crèche management reserves the right to terminate the contract with immediate effect.

Termination or amendment of contract
The definitive departure of a child from the crèche “Les Marronniers” must be notified in writing at least one month in advance for the end of a month. Failure to adhere to this notice period entails the obligation to pay the following month in full.

In case of a withdrawal before the end of a month, the fees for that month are due in their entirety and no refund will be given.

An increase in the attendance schedule is possible so long as a place is available. Such requests should be made in writing to the director of the crèche.